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导读:2010年12月英语四级考试真题及答案,英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet42014 年 12 月英语四级真题及答案(文字版)考试采取“多题多卷”模式,试题顺序不统一,请依据试题进行核对 Part I Writing Directions: For this part, you ar


英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet42014 年 12 月英语四级真题及答案(文字版)考试采取“多题多卷”模式,试题顺序不统一,请依据试题进行核对 Part I Writing Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on the following topic. You shoul d write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words. 作文题一:印象最深的活动 AA campus activity that has benefited most. 作文题二:印象最深的课程 A course that has impressed you most in college. 作文题三:印象最深的同学 A classmate of yours who has influenced you most in college. Part II Listening Section A Directions: In this section,you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the en d of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A) , B) , C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Th en mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet I with a single line through the centre. Question 1 A.The man is not good at balancing his budget. B.She will go purchase the gift herself. C.The gift should not be too expensive. D.They are gonging to Jane's house-warming party. Question 2 A.He is quite willing to give the woman a hand. B.It takes patience to go through the statistics. C.He has prepared the statistics for the woman. D.The woman should take a course in statistics. Question 3 A.Page 55 is missing from the woman's scripts. B.They cannot begin their recording right away. C.The woman does not take the recording seriously.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网 D.The man wants to make some changes in the scripts. Question 4 A.The date of Carl's wedding. B.The birthday of Carl's bride. C.A significant event in July. D.Preparation for a wedding. Question 5 A.The woman forgot to tell the man in advance. B.The man was absent from the weekly meeting. C.The woman was annoyed at the man's excuse. D.The man was in charge of scheduling meetings. Question 6 A.The woman is a marvelous cook. B.The woman has just bought an oven. C.The man has to leave in half an hour. D.The man cannot want for his meal. Question 7 A.How she can best help the man. B.Where the man got the bad news. C.What items sell well in the store. D.Whether the man can keep his job. Question 8 A.The woman can sign up for a swimming class. B.He works in the physical education department. C.The woman has the potential to swim like a fish. D.He would like to teach the woman how to swim.http://www.233.com/cet4Questions 9 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard. Question 9 A.He teaches in a law school. B.He loves classical music. C.He is a diplomat. D.He is a wonderful lecturer. Question 10 A.Went to see a play. B.Watched a soccer game. C.Took some photos.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网 D.Attended a dance. Question 11 A.She decided to get married in three years. B.Her mother objected to Eric’s flying lessons. C.She insisted that Eric pursue graduate studies. D.Her father said she could marry Eric right away.http://www.233.com/cet4Questions 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard. Question 12 A.Editor. B.Teacher. C.Journalist D.Typist. Question 13 A.The beautiful Amazon rainforests. B.A new railway under construction. C.Big changes in the Amazon valley. D.Some newly discovered scenic spot. Question 14 A.In news weeklies. B.In newspapers' Sunday editions. C.In a local evening paper. D.In overseas editions of U.S. magazines. Question 15 A.To be employed by a newspaper. B.To become a professional writer. C.To sell her articles to a news service. D.To get her life story published soon. Section B Directions:In this section,you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage,you will he ar some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a questi on,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the c orresponding letter on Answer Sheet I with a single line through the centre. Passage One Questions 16 to 18 are based on the passage you have just heard. Question 16233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网 A.Nodding one's head. B.Waving one's hand. C.Holding up the forefinger. D.Turning the right thumb down. Question 17 A.Looking away from them. B.Forming a circle with fingers. C.Bowing one's head them. D.Waving or pointing to them. Question 18 A.Looking one's superior in the eye. B.Keeping one's arms folded while talking. C.Showing the sole of one's foot to a guest. D.Using a lot of gestures during a conversation. Passage Twohttp://www.233.com/cet4Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard. Question 19 A.They had to beg for foot after the harvest. B.They grew wheat and corn on a small farm. C.They shared a small flat with their relatives. D.The children walked to school on dirt roads. Question 20 A.Tour Ecuador's Andes Mountains. B.Earn an annual income of $2800. C.Purchase a plot to build a home on. D.Send their children to school. Question 21 A.The achievements of the Trickle Up Program. B.A new worldwide economic revolution. C.Different forms of assistance to the needy. D.The life of poor people in developing countries. Passage Three Questions 22 to 25 are based on the passage you have just heard. Question 22233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网 A.They are highly sensitive to cold. B.They are vitally important to our life. C.They are a living part of our body. D.They are a chief source of our pain. Question 23 A.It has to be removed in time by a dentist. B.It is a rare oral disease among old people. C.It contains many nerves and blood vessels. D.It is sticky and colorless film on the teeth. Question 24http://www.233.com/cet4A.It can change into acids causing damage to their outer covering. B.It greatly reduces their resistance to the attacks of bacteria. C.It makes their nerves and blood vessels more sensitive to acid food. D.It combines with food particles to form a film on their surface. Question 25 A.Food particles. B.Gum disease. C.Unhealthy living habits. D.Chemical crosion. Section C Stunt people(替身演员) are not movie stars, but they are the hidden heroes of many movies. They were around long before films. Even Shakespeare may have used them in fight scenes. To be good, a fight scene has to look real. Punches must (26)______ enemies' jaws. Sword fights must be foug ht with(27)______ swords. Several actors are usually in a fight scene. Their moves must be set up so tha t no one gets hurt. It is almost like planning a dance performance. If a movie scene is dangerous, stun people usually(28)______the stars. You may think you see Tom Cruise running along the top of a train. But it is(29)______ his stunt double. Stunt people must(30)_____ _ the stars they stand in for. Their height and build should be about the same. But when close-ups are n eeded, the film(31)______ the star. Some stunt people(32)______ in certain kinds of scenes. For instance, a stunt woman named Jan Dav is does all kinds of jumps. She has leapt from planes and even off the top of a waterfall. Each jump req uired careful planning and expert(33)______. Yakima Canutt was a famous cowboy stunt man. Among other stunts, he could jump from a second story window onto a horse's back. He(34)______ the famous trick of sliding under a moving stagecoach.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4Canutt also(35)______ a new way to make a punch look real. He was the only stunt man ever to get an Oscar. Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes) Section A Directions:In this section, there is a passage with ten blanks. You are required to select one word f or each blank from a list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Read the passage throu gh carefully before making your choices. Each choice in the bank is identified by a letter. Please mark th e corresponding letter for each item on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre. You may n ot use any of the words in the bank more than once. For decades, Americans have taken for granted the XXXX development of new technologies. The inn ovations(创新)XXXX opment during World War II and afterwards were(36)_____ to the prosperity of the nation in the second half of the 20th century. Those innovations, upon which virtually all aspects of(37)_ ____ society now depend, were possible because the United States then(38)_____ the world in mathematic s and science education. Today, however, despite increasing demand for workers with strong skills in mat hematics and science, the(39)_____ of degrees awarded in science, math, and engineering are decreasing. The deeling in degree production in what are called the STEM disciplines(science, technology, engine ering, and math.)seems to be(40)_____related to the comparatively weak performance by U.S. schoolchildr en on international assessments of math and science. Many students entering college have weak skills in mathematics. According to the 2005 report of the Business Higher Education Forum, 22 percent of colleg e freshmen must take remediat(补习的)math(41)_____, and less than half of the students who plan to maj or in science or engineering(42)_____complete a major in those fields. The result has been a decrease in the number of American college graduates who have the skills, (4 3)_____ in mathematics, to power a workforce that can keep the country at the forefront(前言)of innovati on and maintain its standard of living. With the(44)_____ performance of American students in math and science has come increased competition from students from other countries that have strongly supported e ducation in these areas. Many more students earn(45)_____ in the STEM disciplines in developing countri es than in the United States. A.accelerating B.actually C.closely D.contemporary E.courses F.critical233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网 G.declining H.degrees I.especially J.future K.led L.met M.procedures N.proportions O.sphetes Section Bhttp://www.233.com/cet4Directions:In this section,you are going to read a passage with ten statements attached to it. Each statement contains information given in one of the paragraphs. Identify the paragraph from which the info rmation is derived. You may choose a paragraph more than once. Each paragraph is marked with a letter. Answer the questions by marking the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2. Ban sugary drinks that will add fuel to the obesity war [A] On a train last Thursday, I sat opposite a man who was so fat he filled more than one seat. He was pale and disfigured and looked sick to death, which he probably was: obesity(肥胖的)leads to many nasty ways of dying. Looking around the carriage, I saw quite a few people like him, including a coupl e of fatty children with swollen checks pressing against their eyes. These people are part of what is with out exaggeration an epidemic(流行病)of obesity. [B] But it is quite unnecessary: there is a simple idea- far from new- that could spare millions of su ch people a lifetime of chronic(长期的)ill health, and at the same time save the National Health Service (NHS)at least £14 billion a year in England and Wales. There would, you might think, be considerable public interest in it. This simple idea is that sugar is as good- or as bad- as poison and should be avoid ed. It is pure, white and deadly, as Professor John Yudkin described it 40 years ago in a revolutionary b ook of that name. The subtitle was How Sugar Is Killing Us. [C] In its countless hidden forms, in ready meals, junk food and sweet drinks, sugar leads to addicti on(瘾), to hormonal upsets to the appetite, to metabolic(新陈代谢的)malfunctions and obesity and from th ere to type 2 diabetes(糖尿病)and its many horrible complication. If people really grasped that, they woul d try to kick the habit, particularly as Britain is the ― fat man of Europe‖ . They might even feel driven to support government measures to prevent people from consuming this deadly stuff. Yet so far this idea has met little but resistance.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4[D] It is not difficult to imagine the vested interests(既得利益集团)lined up against any sugar control - all the food and drink manufacturers, processors, promoters and retailers who make such easy pickings out of the magic powers of sugar. Then there are the liberals, with whom I would normally side, who pr otest that government regulation would be yet another instance of interference in our lives. [E]That is true, but people should realize that you cannot have a welfare state without a nanny state (保姆国家), to some degree. If we are all to be responsible for one another’s health insurance, through so cialized medicine, then we are all closely involved in one another’s health, including everyone’s eating an d drinking. That has already been admitted, finally, with smoking. But it has yet to be admitted with ove reating, even though one in four adults in this country is obese and that number is predicted to double b y the year 2050.Quite apart from anything else, obesity will cripple the NHS. [F]Recently, though, there have been signs that the medical establishment is trying to sound the alar m. Last month the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges(AMRC)published a report saying that obesity is t he greatest public health issue affecting the UK and urging government to do something. [G]The report offers 10 recommendations, of which the first is imposing a tax of 20 percent on suga ry drinks for at least a year, on top of the existing 20 percent value-added tax. That at least would be a n excellent start. The amounts of sugar in soft drinks are horrifying, and turn straight to fat. As Professor Terence Stephenson, head of the AMRC, has said, sugary soft drinks are ―the ultimate bad food. You ar e just consuming neat sugar. Your body didn’t evolve to handle this kind of thing.‖ [H]Precisely. The risks of eating too much fat or salt(which are very different)pale into insignificant compared with the harm done by sugar. And it is everywhere. [I]It is difficult to buy anything in a supermarket, other than plain, unprepared meat, fish or vegetabl es, that doesn’t have a large amount of sugar in it. This has come about because the prevailing scientific views of the 1960s and 1970s ignored the evidence about sugar, and instead saw fat as the really seriou s risk, both to the heart and other organs, as well as the cause of obesity. [J]The fashion was to avoid fat. But finding that food with much of its fat removed is not very app etizing, food producers turned to sugar as a magic alternative flavor enhancer, often in the forms of syrup s(糖浆)that had recently been developed from corn, and put it generously into most prepared foods and so ft drinks. [K]This stuff is not just fattening. It is addictive. It interferes with the body’s metabolism, possibly v ia the activity of an appetite-controlling hormone. There’s plenty of evidence for this, for those who will accept the truth.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4[L]Theoretically, people ought to make ―healthy choices‖ and avoid overeating. But sugar additives ar e not easy to identify and are hard to avoid. So the snacking, over-drinking and over eating that makes p eople fat is not really their own fault: obesity is in large part something that is being done to them. It s hould be stopped, or rather the government should stop it. [M]Going round my local supermarket, I am constantly astonished that it is still legal to sell all the poisons stacked high on the shelves. The problem is that they are worse than useless. They are poisonous. They are known to be addictive. They are known to make people obese. And giving small children swe et drinks or bottles of fake juice all day long is nothing less than child abuse. [N]Clearly, the sale of such stuff ought to be illegal. I hate to think of yet more government regulati on. But a bit of tax on sweet soda and a little more health education, a bit of cooking in schools and b anning vending machines(自动售货机)here and there — as suggested try the AMRC report — is not goin g to achieve very much. Labelling is quite inadequate. What is needed is legislation banning high levels of sugary syrups used in foods and drinks. [O]In June 2012, the then minister for public health said the government was not scared of the food industry and had not ruled out legislation, because of the costs of obesity to the NHS. However, nothing has happened yet. Why not have another Jammie Dodger biscuit and forget about it. 46、Avoiding over-consumption of sugar can improve people’s health as well as save medical expenses. 47、Laws should be passed to make it illegal to produce overly sweet foods or drinks. 48、Giving small children sweet juices to drink all the time is equal to child abuse. 59、Looking around, the author found obesity quite widespread. 50、The number of obese people is expected to increase quickly in the next few decades. 51、If people really understood the horrible consequences of sugary foods and drinks, they would support government measures against sugar consumption. 52、It would be a very good beginning wo improve an additional tax on sugary drinks. 53、The government has not yet taken any action to regulate sugar consumption although it indicated its i ntention to do so some time ago. 54、Sugar is far more harmful to health than fat and salt. 55、Consumers of sweet foods are not really to blame because they cannot tell what food is sugary. Section C Directions:There are 2 passages in this section. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfi nished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C)and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the c entre.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4The rise of the Internet has been one of the most transformative developments in human history, co mparable in impact to the invention of the printing press and the telegraph. Over two billion people worl dwide now have access to vastly more information than ever before, and can communicate with each othe r instantly, often using Web-connected mobile devices they carry everywhere. But the Internet’s tremendou s impacts has only just begun. ―Mass adoption of the Internet is driving one of the most exciting social, cultural, and political trans formations in history, and unlike earlier periods of change, this time the effects are fully global,‖ Schmidt and Cohen write in their new book. The New Digital Age. Perhaps the most profound changes will come when the five billion people worldwide who currently lack Internet access get online. The authors do an excellent job of examining the implications of the Inter net revolution for individuals, governments, and institutions like the news media. But if the book has one major shortcoming, it’s that authors don’t spend enough time applying a critical eye to the role of Intern et businesses in these weeping changes. In their book, the authors provide the most authoritative volume to date that describes — and more i mportantly predicts — how the Internet will shape our lives in the coming decades. They paint a picture of a world in which individuals, companies, institutions, and governments must deal with two realities, on e physical, and one virtual. At the core of the book is the idea that ―technology is neutral, but people aren’t.‖ By using this con cept as a starting point, the authors aim to move beyond the now familiar optimist vs. pessimist dichotom y(对立观点)that has characterized many recent debates about whether the rise of the Internet will ultimatel y be good or bad for society. In an interview with TIME earlier this week, Cohen said although he and his co-author are optimistic about many aspects of the Internet, they’re also realistic about the risks and d angers that lie ahead when the next five billion people come online, particularly with respect to personal privacy and state surveillance(监视). 56、In what way is the rise of the Internet similar to the invention of the printing press and the tele graph? A.It transforms human history. B.It facilitates daily communication. C.It is adopted by all humanity. D.It revolutionizes people's thinking. 57、How do Schmidt and Cohen describe the effects of the Internet? A.They are immeasurable. B.They are worldwide. C.They are unpredictable. D.They are contaminating.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet458、In what respect is the book The New Digital Age considered inadequate? A.It fails to recognize the impact of the Internet technology. B.It fails to look into the social implications of the Internet. C.It lacks an objective evaluation of the role of Internet businesses. D.It does not address the technical aspects of Internet communication. 59、What will the future be like when everybody gets online? A.People will be living in two different realities. B.People will have equal access to information. C.People don’t have to travel to see the world. D.People don’t have to communicate face to face. 60、What does the passage say about the authors of The New Digital Age? A.They leave many questions unanswered concerning the Internet. B.They are optimistic about the future of the Internet revolution. C.They have explored the unknown territories of the virtual world. D.They don’t take sides in analyzing the effects of the Internet. In 1950, a young man would have found it much easier than it is today to get and keep a job in th e auto industry. And in that year the average autoworker could meet monthly mortgage(抵押贷款)payment s on an average home with just 13.4 percent of his take-home pay. Today a similar mortgage would clai m more than twice that share of his monthly eamings. Other members of the autoworker’s family, however might be less inclined to tried the present for th e past. His retired parents would certainly have had less economic security back then. Through-out much of the 1960s,more than a quarter of men and women and women age 65 and older lived below the pover ty level, compared to less than 10 percent in 2010. In most stales, his wife could not have taken out a loan or a card in her own name. In 42 states, a homemaker had no legal claim on the earnings of her husband. And nowhere did a wife have legal prot ection against family violence. Most black workers would not want to return to a time when, on average they earned 40 percent les s than their white counterparts(职位相当的人),white racially restrictive agreements largely prevented them f rom buying into the suburban neighborhoods being built for white working –class families. Today, new problems have emerged in the process of resolving old ones, but the solution is not to go ba ck to the past. Some people may long for an era when divorce was still hard to come by. The spread of no -fault divorce has reduced the bargaining power of whichever spouse is more interested in continuing the relationship. And the breakup of such marriages has caused pain for many families. The growing diversity of family life comes with new possibilities as well as new challenges. Accordi233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4ng to a recent poll, more than 80 percent of Americans believe that their current family is as close as th e one in which they grew up, or closer. Finding ways to imaginary golden age. 61、What do we learn about American autoworkers in 1950? A.They had less job security than they do today. B.It was not too difficult for them to buy a house. C.Their earnings were worth twice as much as today. D.They were better off than workers in other industries. 62、What does the author about retired people today? A.They invariably long to return to the golden past. B.They do not depend so much on social welfare. C.They feel more secure economically than in the past. D.They are usually unwilling to live with their children. 63、Why couldn’t black workers buy a house in a whitc suburban neighborhood ? A.They lacked the means of transportation. B.They were subjected to racial inequality. C.They were afraid to break the law. D.They were too poor to afford it. 64、What is the result of no-fault divorce ? A.Divorce is easier to obtain. B.Domestic violence is lessened. C.It causes little pain to either side. D.It contributes to social unrest. 65 、What does the author suggest society do? A.Get prepared to face any new challenges. B.Try to better the current social security. C.Narrow the gap between blacks and whites. D.Improve the lives of families with problems Part IV Translation Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into Englis h. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2. 翻译题一:大熊猫是一种温顺的动物,长着独特的黑白皮毛。

因其数量极少,大熊猫已被列为濒危物 种。


自 1961 年该基金会成立以来,大熊猫就一直是它的徽标。


目前,世界上大约有 1000 只大熊猫。

这 些以竹为食的动物正面临许多威胁。


233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4翻译题二:中国的互联网是全世界发展最快的,2010 年,中国大概有 4.2 亿网民,而且人数还在迅速 的增长,互联网的日渐流行带来了重大的社会变化,中国的网民往往不同与国外的网民,美国的网民更都 多的是受实际需要的驱使,用互联网为工具发电子邮件,买卖商品,科学研究,规划形成或者付款,中国 网民更多都是出于社交的原因使用互联网,因而更广泛的使用论坛、博客,聊天室等。


年轻游客数量的不断增 加,可以归因于他们迅速提高的收入和探索外部世界的好奇心,随着旅行多了,年轻人在大城市和著名景 点花的时间少了。



最近调查显示,很多 年轻人想要通过旅行来体验不同的文化,丰富知识,拓展视野。

参考答案 写作部分: 【印象最深的活动:参考范文】 When it comes to ―what campus activity that has benefited you most‖,I can’t help remembering the change4life campaign. This campus activity rallies us to protect our physical health. There are,to my mind,plenty of identifiable factors.To begin with, this campus activity has informed me that physical health is most precious to us. Nothing can replace with our fitness. What’s more, this c ampus campaign holds varieties of health clubs, which give me numerous tips on how to keep our fitness. Last but not least, by taking part in this campus activity, I develop some good habit. For example, ever y morning, I run for a while. Again, Ispend the bulk of every weekend on climbing Xiang Mountain. Therefore, I confirm that the change4life campaign is the campus activity that has benefited me most. If it had not been,I could not have enjoyed my health. 【印象最深的课程:参考范文】 When it comes to a course that leaves the deepest impression in university, different people stand on different grounds. As for me, the most impressive course in college is ―Appreciation of English Movies‖, which I like best. I prefer this curriculum to others owing to the following factors. On one hand, the professor in charge of this course has impressed me most because she is not only knowledgeable but also patient. More importantly, it is this respectable teacher who spurs my interest to English harder and broadens my horizon as well. Until now, what she said in the class often occurs to m y mind. On the other hand, there are many discussions in the classroom when we have lessons. We are allowed to talk freely about a movie, the topic ranging from the theme of a film to its casting. So, durin g the talk, we become increasingly open-minded. And undoubtedly a brain open to everything carries grea t importance to study, work and life. Generally speaking, the course on appreciating English films has impressed me most for it is not onl233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4y instructive but also entertaining. And therefore, I suggest that more similar courses should be offered in the university. 【印象最深的同学:参考范文】 Without question, Lisa is the person who has influenced my college life most. She is my classmate, who always leaves a deep impression on you by demonstrating her passion for life and the spirit of neve r yielding, even in the face of extreme challenges. She is the most courageous person I have ever known. During my college years, it is Lisa that kept teaching me how to live through setbacks in the life jour ney. I’ll never forget that when I failed in my English examination and I felt overwhelmed, Lisa taught me that failure teaches success, everyone had to persevere and face up to innumerable setbacks, as long as I face my problems bravely, I would create my own wonderful life . With her help , I finally gained the confidence and passed the exam. Thanks to Lisa, I have learned the importance of courage, which is the indispensable characteristic in my life. She also let me know the importance of confidence. It means a lot to me and still in my head till this day. 听力答案: 1. C. The gift should not be too expensive. 2. A. He is quite willing to give the woman a hand. 3. B. They cannot begin their recoding right away. 4. D. Preparations for a wedding. 5. 待定 6. D. The man cannot wait for his meal. 7. B. Whether the man can keep his job. 8. A. The woman can sign up for a swimming class. 9. C. He is a diplomat. 10. A. Went to see a play. 11. D. Her father said she could marry Eric right away. 12. B. Teacher 13.待定 14. B. In newspapers’ Sunday editions. 15. C. To sell her articles to a news service. 16-18 无 19. 待定 20. C. Purchase a plot to build a home on. 21. A. The achievements of the Trickle Up Program.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网 22-25 无 复合式听写 26. 待定 27.sharp 28.待定 29. 待定 30. resemble 31. focuses on 32.specialize 33.待定 34. invented 35. figured out 阅读理解答案: 选词填空 36—40 F critical D contemporary K led N proportions C closely 41—45 E courses B actually I especially G declining H degrees 长篇阅读 46—50 BNMAE 仔细阅读 56—60 BBCAD 翻译部分 61—65 BCBAD 51—55 CGCHLhttp://www.233.com/cet4【大熊猫:参考译文】The giant panda is a docile animal with unique black and white fur. Because of their small number, giant pandas have been listed as an endangered species. The giant pandas are of s pecial significance for WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Since the establishment in 1961, the fund has been using the giant panda as its logo. The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family. They mainly live in the forests of southwestern China. Currently, there are about 1,000 giant pandas in the world. The bamboo-eating animals are facing many threats. Therefore, to ensure the survival of the giant panda is m ore important than ever. 【旅游:参考译文】More and more young people are interested in Chinese tourism, which is a new trend in recent years. Increasing number of young tourists, they can be attributed to the rapid increase of income and to explore the world outside of curiosity, with travel much, young people in big city and fa mous scenic spots to spend less time. Instead they are more attracted to a remote place. Some people eve n choose long backpacking trip. According to a recent survey, many young people who want to experienc e a different culture, travel through the rich knowledge, the development field of vision. 【互联网:参考译文】The Internet community of China is developing in the fastest way in the worl d.China has about 420 million netizens in 2010,and the number is still growing rapidly.The growing popul arity of Internet has brought significant changes to the society.And Chinese netizens are often different fro m the netizens in America.American netizens are more motivated by actual needs,using the Internet as a t ool to send e-mails, buying and selling goods,plan trips or payment.Chinese netizens are more use the Int ernet for social reasons.Hence,they use QQ and chat-rooms for a wider range.233 网校:www.233.com

英语四级考试网http://www.233.com/cet4233 网校:www.233.com


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