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导读:一、交际英语 1、- Hello, could I speak to Mike please?- ____________ A:Who are you? B:Who is speaking? C:What's wrong? D:Why? 答案: B 2、-We'll have a basketball match this afternoon. -__________. A:Good luck B:Never mind C:

2014年4月大学英语b统考题库 网考大学英语b试题3
2014年4月大学英语b统考题库 网考大学英语b试题3

一、交际英语 1、- Hello, could I speak to Mike please?- ____________ A:Who are you? B:Who is speaking? C:What's wrong? D:Why? 答案: B 2、-We'll have a basketball match this afternoon. -__________. A:Good luck B:Never mind C:Yes, please D:It's nothing 答案: A 3、_______ - Well, they got there last Wednesday. So about a week. A:When did your parents arrive in Paris? B:How long have your parents been in Paris? C:Did your parents arrive in Paris last Wednesday? D:When will your parents go to Paris? 答案: B 4、- Thank you for inviting me.- ______________ A:I really had a happy time. B:Oh, it's too late. C:Thank you for coming. D:Oh, so slowly? 答案: C 5、- Excuse me, could you show me the way to the nearest post office?- __________ Oh yes! Two blocks away from here at the Green Avenue. You can't miss it. A:I beg your pardon? B:What do you mean? C:You're welcome. D:Mm, let me think. 答案: D二、阅读理解 1、There was once an ant that was very thirsty.有一只蚂蚁很渴。


电大、各类远程网络教育统考大学英语B、计算机应用基础统考辅导 全套题库,精心整理并归类完毕,全中文翻译,视频教程讲解,一次性通 过,唯一 QQ: 153499368It ran here and there looking for some water but could not find any. Then suddenly, when the ant was almost ready to die of thirst, a large drop of water fell on it. The ant drank the water, which saved its life. The water was actually a tear from a young girl who was crying. Because of her sadness, the tear had magical qualities and suddenly the ant could speak the language of human beings. The ant looked up and saw the young girl sitting in front of a huge pile of seeds. "Why are you sad?" asked the ant. "I'm the prisoner of a giant." the girl told the ant. "He won't let me go until I've made three separate heaps of grain, barley(大麦)and rye(黑麦)out of this huge pile of seeds in which they are all mixed together." "That will take you a month!" the ant said, looking at the huge pile of seeds. "I know," the girl cried, "and if I haven't finished by tomorrow, the giant will eat me for his supper!" "Don't cry," the ant said, "my friends and I will help you." Soon thousands of ants were at work, separating the three kinds of seeds. The next morning, when the giant saw that the work had been done, he let the girl go. Thus it was one of her tears that saved her life. (1)、The ant was playing when it ran here and there. A:T B:F 答案: B (2)、The drop of water fell on the ant when it was nearly dying. A:T B:F 答案: A (3)、The young girl was crying because she wanted to have supper. A:T B:F 答案: B (4)、The giant would eat the girl if she failed to do the work. A:T2/8

B:F 答案: A (5)、The ant's friends saved the girl's life. A:T B:F 答案: A 2、Places to stay in Britain are as varied as the places you visit. 在英国,住的地方随着你游览地点 的不同而有所区别。

Whatever your budget is the choice -from basic barn to small hotel, from tiny cottage to grand castle - is all part of fun. Hostels Cheap, good-value hostels are aimed at all types of like-minded travelers, who prefer value over luxury and you don't have to be young or single to use them. Britain's independent hostels and backpackers hostels also offer a great welcome. Facilities and prices vary, especially in rural areas, where some hostels are a little more than a bunkhouse ( 临时住房 ) while others are remarkably comfortable - almost like bargain hotels. Youth Hotels Founded many years ago to "help all, especially young people of limited means, to a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside", the Youth Hotels Association is still going strong in the 21st century. The network of 230 hotels is a perfect gateway for exploring Britain's towns and countryside. B&Bs The B&B (bed and breakfast) is a Great British institution, In essence you get a room in somebody's house, and small B&Bs may only have one guest room, so you'll really feel like part of the family. Larger B&Bs may have four or five rooms and more facilities, but just as warm as a welcome. In country areas your B&B might be in a village or an isolated farm surrounded by fields. Prices reflect facilities: and usually run from around £12 to £20 per person. City B&Bs charge about £25 to £30 per person, although they're often cheaper as you go further out to the suburbs. Pubs & Inns As well as selling drinks and meals, Britain's pubs and inns sometimes offer B&B, particularly in country areas. Staying a night or two can be great fun and puts you at the heart of the local community. Rates range from around £15 to £25 per person. Pubs are more likely to have single rooms. (1)、In this passage the author mainly ________. A:tells us where to stay while visiting Britain B:advises readers to pay a visit to Britain C:introduces the wonderful public services in Britain D:gives us some information about British life3/8

答案: A (2)、________ are mainly built for young visitors. A:Pubs & Inns B:Youth Hotels C:Hostels D:B&Bs 答案: B (3)、If you travel alone and want to know better about family life in Britain, you'd better stay in ________. A:Pubs & Inns B:Youth Hotels C:Hostels D:B&Bs 答案: D (4)、If you are interested in travelling with your friends but only with limited means, where is the better place for you to stay? _________. A:Pubs & Inns B:Youth Hotels C:Hostels D:B&Bs 答案: C (5)、Which of the following is NOT true according to the last part of the passage? __________ A:Pubs and inns usually provide visitors bed and breakfast. B:all pubs and inns offer visitors bed and breakfast. C:Pubs and inns charge a visitor £25 at the most. D:If you want a single room, you are more likely to get one in pubs. 答案: B 三、词汇与语法 1、The red flower goes from one to _____ in the class. A:the other B:others C:another D:other 答案: C 2、We go to the cinema ____ __ a week.4/8

A:often B:once C:seldom D:usually 答案: B 3、It is _______ for people to feel excited when they start doing something new. A:normal B:ordinary C:average D:regular 答案: A 4、After walking hurriedly for half an hour, I wanted to drink _______. A:something cold B:cold something C:something with cold D:something to be cold 答案: A 5、-Have you got _____E-mail address?-Yes, mine is Li Ping @ A:the B:an C:a D:/ 答案: B四、完型填空 There is an old saying that husbands and wives start to look and behave like each other after a time.有 一句老话说夫妻在一起的时间长了,彼此的相貌和行为就会越来越像。

I don't know if this was true of my mother and father. Both of my parents had brown hair and brown eyes and low voices. My father, __1__, was eight years older than my mother and taller and thinner. He was built as straight as an arrow. My mother was shorter and had a rounder and fuller face and she looked as soft as a pillow. My mother was quieter and talked less than my father did. She was also a much more patient person than my father. My father was more experienced in life. He was __2__ to doing everything quickly. My mother, on the other hand, worked and spoke more slowly. They were fond of nature and sports, such as walking, gardening and swimming. They were both5/8

__3__ in reading and music, but my father preferred history books, while my mother liked to read romantic novels. In music, their types were similar, and they were never proud of listening to it. Most of the time they were in agreement on bringing __4__ their children. They both believed in giving them love and neither one believed in punishing them physically. At times, their personalities were very much alike, but at other times, they seemed very __5__. Perhaps that is why none of their children knows which parent he looks or behaves like. (1)、 A:however B:interested C:up D:used E:different 答案: A (2)、 A:however B:interested C:up D:used E:different 答案: D (3)、 A:however B:interested C:up D:used E:different 答案: B (4)、 A:however B:interested C:up D:used E:different 答案: C (5)、 A:however6/8

B:interested C:up D:used E:different 答案: E 五、英译汉 (1)、John and his brother differ in personality even if their differences in age are not significant. 尽管 约翰和他哥哥在年纪上相差不大,但他们的个性却不相同。

(2)、My problem is that I don't have much time to do the work. 我的问题在于我没有多少时间干这 工作。

(3)、We must take some measures to control the pollution. 我们必须采取措施来控制污染。

(4)、Let's try something different. 让我们尝尝其它不同的口味。

六、写作 Instructions:建议你在30分钟内,根据下面所给的题目和提纲用英语写出一篇不少于80词的短 文。

(1)介绍你的主要爱好; (2)喜欢其中一项爱好的理由。

My Hobbies I have many hobbies, such as sports, singing, playing the violin and keeping a diary. Of all my hobbies I like sports best and my favorite sportisbasketball. It’s part of my life. I began to play basketball in my childhood. I still remember the good old days when I played with my classmates after school. Later on, as I grew up, almost everything changed, but this sport-playing basketball remained and my love of it grew even stronger. I love this sport because it brings joys and health to my life. When I got tired from office work, I went to the sports ground and felt refreshed. If there were worries and cares from daily life. I went to the sports ground. There everything went away except basketball. It is basketball that keeps me in good shape and mood.考试的题型分为6部分,英译汉和写作部分由人工批阅,其他部分电脑自动阅卷 第一部分交际用语,5 题 15 分,主要是考一些常规的情景对话。

第二部分阅读理解,2 题 30 分,其中第一篇是新改的题型,为正误判断。

第三部分词汇结构,5 题 10 分,主要考一些词汇的应用。


第四部分完型填空,1 题 10 分,此部分对英语底子要求较高。

第五部分英译汉,4 题 20 分,此部分人工评阅,只要大概意思到位,语句通顺,即可满分。

第六部分作文,1 题 15 分,如果基础不是非常好的,作文可以选择性的掌握一些,然后学会 套用。